15 November 2023 – we the Parsis will once again celebrate the ‘Sanjan Day’. ‘Sanjan Day’ is about Parsis giving an expression to their attitude of gratitude. The Parsis on this day, express their deep gratitude to the various Indian Rulers, successive Governments and most importantly to the holy ‘Soil of India’ that allowed us as a diaspora of migrants to stay, protect our religion and supported us to prosper within its folds through these years.

The Stambh – a Commemorative Column, was erected much later in 1920 at Sanjan to mark the arrival of Parsis as migrants, on Indian soil centuries ago (size approx 968 CBE) under the patronage of the benevolent Hindu King Jadi Rana. They had fled Iran at that time to protect their religious beliefs from Islamic persecution after the downfall of the Persian Empire. Since 1920, year on year in the month of November, the Parsis visit this ‘Stambh’ to express their gratitude and commemorate their arrival in India.
Long live India in.

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